Is Do It Yourself Pest Control a Good Idea?

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Is Do It Yourself Pest Control a Good Idea? It sounds like a no-brainer to not spend copious amounts of money on a problem that can be solved with some pocket change and a trip to the convenience store. But sometimes a Band-Aid isn’t enough for a bullet-hole. DIY techniques tend to be insufficient in

How Are Ants Getting into My Home or Business?

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How Are Ants Getting into My Home or Business?  Ants are one of the most common insects that find their way inside your property. However, you’re not alone, it happens to everyone! They are annoying and uncomfortable to deal with; no one wants ants inside their home. They seem to almost anywhere and everywhere at

Has Your Dog Become an Uber?

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Has Your Dog Become an Uber? Many of us are hopelessly devoted to our furry four-legged friends but unfortunately, several types of nefarious pests love our pets just as much as we do. Our lovable pets can unknowingly transport dozens of pests throughout our homes if we aren’t careful to stop them. If flea and

Who Has Been Eating My Cereal?

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Who Has Been Eating My Cereal? There’s nothing more disturbing than opening your favorite cereal or any snack and realizing the creature you’re unknowingly sharing your food with is an uninvited guest of the critter variety.  Missing food and holes and packages are a sign of pests’ presence in your home. The best way to

Why Do Rodents Love My Home So Much?

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Why Do Rodents Love My Home So Much? Rodents have been plaguing society for centuries, quite literally in some cases. They are sneaky creatures that can make your home their home as well without you even realizing. They love to find tasty morsels and curl up in the forgotten corners of your home, such as

Are You Being Eaten Alive By Bed Bugs?

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Are You Being Eaten Alive by Bed Bugs?  Bed bugs can infest your home quickly, becoming one of the most difficult infestations to eradicate. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most difficult bugs to spot. While they are good at hiding, they are terrible at covering up their tracks. By knowing the signs of

Not All Pests Die During The Winter…

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Not All Pests Die During the Winter—They Just Move into Your Home or Business  Just because you cannot see pests as much during the colder months, that does not mean they are not nice and warm in your home or business, quietly destroying your property. Like humans, pests such as termites, rats, and rodents seek

Is Your Home Or Business Infested With Termites?

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Is Your Home or Business Infested with Termites? As the most destructive pests in the United States, termites are more than just a nuisance. They can cause significant damage to your home or property if left untreated. Termite infestations can initially be detected through a number of different warning signs, and are best eradicated through

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Bed bug infestations can be hazardous to both residential and commercial properties, as well as those individuals within them. Although they pose a number of health risks, one of the most insidious characteristics of bed bug infestations is just how easily they can spread and therefore cause further

Welcome to Top NC Pest Control

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Welcome to Top NC Pest Control! We partner with pest removal professionals all over North Carolina, in order to bring you the best and most convenient pest control options available in your area. We are excited to serve your needs! From Charlotte to Raleigh and everywhere in between, we are here for you! Whether you have