Are You Being Eaten Alive By Bed Bugs?

Are You Being Eaten Alive by Bed Bugs?

 Bed bugs can infest your home quickly, becoming one of the most difficult infestations to eradicate. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most difficult bugs to spot.

While they are good at hiding, they are terrible at covering up their tracks. By knowing the signs of bedbugs, you can find the infestation early on ¾ before the infestation becomes established in your home or business ¾ making it much easier and cheaper to get the issue under control.


Where Do Bed Bugs Come from?

You might be asking, “Where do bed bugs come from?” They often seem to appear out of thin air, growing in number exponentially until they are out of control. Their mysterious nature lends them to hiding in small spaces and sticking close to their hosts. They frequently act as hitchhikers and vagrants, bouncing from house to house on the backs of unknowing hosts/transporters. They do not have wings, so they rely on transport by humans and animals to take them to various places.


How to Spot a Bed Bug Infestation

Contrary to what you might think, bed bug bites are not the best sign of an infestation as they can often be mistaken for other bug bites, hives, rashes or infections. The best way to spot these pests is through secondary signs, which include casts and exoskeletons, fecal stains, bloodstains, and eggs or egg shells.

Exoskeletons are molted off frequently, as each bed bug must molt five times before it reaches adulthood. These are pale white in color. Bed bugs also leave fecal stains that resemble that of a black or brown felt-tip pen with bleed marks. Another sign you’ll frequently notice is blood stains, which occur when a bedbug gets crushed.

Because they change so much in their lifetime, they can be difficult to identify on their own. However, typically, they are super flat, reddish-brown, tiny almond-shaped bugs. Their small and flat shape enables them to pile on top of each other and congregate in small spaces.


Why Bed Bugs Are Hard to Notice

They are often unnoticed until the problem gets out of hand. Bed bugs can look like other types of bugs, and failure to immediately act gives the bedbugs more time to spread and multiply.

They are smart in that they hide in the best spots. They usually are difficult to detect because of these spots, but if you know where to look, you can catch them before it’s too late.

Check your sheets, mattress, and box springs first, as they try to stay as close to their hosts as possible. They can also be tucked away in furniture seams, electrical outlets, drawer joints, lifted wallpaper, and upholstery undersides. No small space is off limits for these little blood sucking critters.


Bed Bug Bites

 While bedbug bites aren’t the most obvious sign of an infestation, they are still something that should be taken into account.

Bed bug bites will be raised on the skin and will appear as red welts. Sometimes they can have a deep red center at the site of the bite. Bed bug bites can cause burning or itching on the local area and you may notice blisters. They can also come in clusters, such as a concentrated rash area or line.

Luckily, they do not transmit diseases, so the worst that can happen beyond an itch or burn is a skin infection around a bite caused by scratching too much. If someone is allergic to a bedbug’s bite, they can have a much larger reaction, but that is rare. The scary part about an allergic reaction is that most people do not know they have the allergy until they experience a bed bug infestation in their home or business.

If you notice possible bed bug bites, it’s a good idea to go ahead and check common hiding places to be sure that an infestation is not the issue.


The Damage Bed Bugs Can Cause

The biggest threat bed bugs pose is becoming an unimaginably large infestation, wreaking havoc in large areas of your home.

Unlike termites, they do not cause physical damage to the body of your home. They do, however, lower the value of your home. Because bedbugs are well known as incredibly difficult to get rid of, sellers will sometimes find it impossible to get the house off their hands.

Bed bugs can multiply so quickly, their casts, eggs, and the live bugs themselves can completely overtake pieces of furniture and beds in a very short time frame. When it gets really bad, sometimes homeowners decide to simply rid the property of the items that have been overcome because they feel it isn’t worth the hassle of trying to eradicate the bugs from these items. The home owners are almost always let down when they do this though because they quickly realize that the bed bug issue has just moved to another area of the house.

Luckily, the issue can be stopped in its tracks before it gets this far. At the first sign of bed bugs, let a pest control specialist know of the issue. They are skilled in the art of tracking them down and getting rid of them permanently.

Call Top NC Pest Control for an evaluation of your property if you feel you have a bed bug issue so we can help you get the problem taken care of for good!

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