Has Your Dog Become an Uber?

Has Your Dog Become an Uber?

Many of us are hopelessly devoted to our furry four-legged friends but unfortunately, several types of nefarious pests love our pets just as much as we do. Our lovable pets can unknowingly transport dozens of pests throughout our homes if we aren’t careful to stop them. If flea and tick problems go untreated then dogs essentially become a luxury UberXL for these pests to disrupt our lives. Fleas, bed bugs, and ticks can cause a large array of problems for man’s best friend and if left untreated it can be disastrous for both pet and owner.

Why Are Fleas Such a Big Deal?

Fleas are a pest that breeds extremely quickly and can spread like wildfire. If left uncontrolled your entire home could become infested in a matter of weeks or even days depending on the number of animals, you own. They can hide in a multitude of places around your home especially carpets and upholstered furniture that resembles the fur of dogs and cats. They also can attach themselves to clothes and towels, but most can’t live on humans.

Most people are unaware of the fact that if left untreated fleas can cause diseases that have the potential to actually kill your pets. This issue isn’t just a nuisance; it can turn deadly. Controlling these pests isn’t a task that should be taken lightly. It may end up being a life or death situation for your canine companion. If fleas are given the chance to draw enough blood they can cause your dog to become anemic and suffer a plethora of health problems. This problem is increased in very young puppies or old dogs because they have weaker immune systems and less blood flow.

In addition to blood loss issues, fleas can also transmit many other parasites and make your dog susceptible to more menacing pests such as tapeworms. These parasites can cause significant pain for your dog and should be treated as soon as possible.

How Can I Spot Fleas on My Dog?

One of the most tell-tale signs that could let you know if your dog has fleas is if they begin to scratch incessantly. Fleas are extremely annoying for our furry-friends and they will likely show behavioral signs of an infestation well before fleas are physically seen. If you think that your dog may have fleas, then it may be a good idea to inspect your dog’s coat. Sometimes you may be able to see fleas moving around on your dog’s skin, but often they are difficult to detect. It may be easier to spot flea “dirt” or feces.

Flea dirt gets its name because its appearance on a dog’s skin is quite similar to real dirt from the ground. In order to distinguish between flea dirt and regular dirt one trick is to place the specimens on damp paper. If the black flecks turn reddish then it is likely flea feces because the redness is due to the blood that the fleas have consumed from your dog. If the flecks remain black in coloration, then it is likely just regular dirt and it is probable that there is a different explanation for your dog’s itching behavior.

Why Are Ticks Such a Problem?

If you can believe it, ticks can turn out to be an even bigger issue than fleas because they can attach themselves to humans as well as our pets. They also can transmit even more diseases than fleas can. Ticks are not a creature that you want anywhere near your home or family.

Ticks can be difficult to locate but your dog has a higher chance of contracting one if it is roaming through a wooded area. It is a good idea to check your dog for ticks after long walks or long amounts of time spent outside. If a tick is found on your dog you may want to have your home checked for more.

What Is the Deal with Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs don’t particularly enjoy feasting on our pets but they will do whatever they can for a quick meal. If one of them attaches to your dog and the dog brings it inside it can be a nightmare because bed bugs do quite enjoy nibbling on humans. Bed bugs, as the name suggests, enjoy warm places such as people’s beds and they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. If a bed bug is found on your dog, then you should check your beds and home immediately to see if it has spread. You do not want to crawl into bed with these critters.

Don’t Let the Problem Spread

One major issue with these creepy-crawlies is that they have found great ways to get into our homes through our pets and they are extremely difficult to see and detect. At even the first sign of a problem, it is a safe bet to get your home checked out by professionals like Top NC Pest Control because it is difficult to know the extent of the problem without outside assistance and inspection. If left unattended you may find yourself faced with an uncontrollable infestation… don’t let the issue go to that point. Don’t let your pet continue to offer complimentary Uber services to unwanted pests that are entering your home in this process.

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