How Are Ants Getting into My Home or Business?

How Are Ants Getting into My Home or Business?

 Ants are one of the most common insects that find their way inside your property. However, you’re not alone, it happens to everyone! They are annoying and uncomfortable to deal with; no one wants ants inside their home. They seem to almost anywhere and everywhere at once. Although they aren’t necessarily harmful to your home, they still can affect other aspects of your life. The most asked question is how did they get in my home, and where are they coming from? Even if you are in a new building or home, you somehow will always find ants. Understanding how ants find their way into your home or business is the first step to treating them. Below are the main ways ants are finding their way into your home or business:


Cracks and Seams

Most homes have air exchange between the inside of the house and the outside. This is completely normal and is common in most structures. Air exchange usually takes place within the seams of walls windows and vents. These gaps are where ants find their way into the home. The best way to help keep the ants from finding their way through air exchanges is by finding seems where your walls transition to the floor and ceiling. Cracks in your walls, ceilings or floor can be easily fixed with some plaster.


Foundation Gaps

Your foundation may be strong, however, they are not always perfectly airtight. It is common that gaps are created during construction, just like air exchange. These gaps are another area that provides ants enough space to creep inside a building. If a building is not made out of solid concrete blocks, you will more likely experience persistent ants.


Inside the Floor

There is a good chance that if you have ants crawling around, they are crawling around under your floor too. In fact, ants come from the ground, so it’s most likely that they are coming from underneath your floor. Ants like to establish routes underneath carpets, tile, and wood floors. If you have any cracks or spaces in your floor it’s a good idea to get that sealed up.



Unfortunately, window frames are not perfectly sealed, and screens don’t filter out every little bug. If you like to leave your windows open, or if you don’t close it all the way, you are giving ants easy access to the building. In fact, your frame alone may have gaps between it and the wall, allowing entry for more ants.


Carried into the Building

Ants may also be brought into a building by mistake, whether it was in your shoes, dog, or even from objects that get brought into the home that was outside. The best thing you can do is provided mats outside every doorway and do your best to wipe off your feet, or leave anything from the outside, outside. Reframe from bringing anything from the outdoors into the home, you could be bringing in more than just ants!


Different Types of Ants to Be Aware of:

While ants will find their way inside no matter what, you can do your best at knowing how to exterminate them, and understanding what kind of ants they are. Knowing which ants are infesting your building will help you find an effective killing solution, and understand what they are attracted too and where they come from.


Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are brown and are extremely large in size. They mainly lie within forests and areas with a lot of trees and shrubs. They like to build their homes in wood structures. They are not harmful and do not bite. However, they are extremely attracted to moist wood, so you will likely find them around and under decks, porches, windows, and roof eaves.


Odorous House Ants

The Tapinoma sessile is one of the most common odorous house ants. They are small brown ants and are also known as sugar ants, stink ants or the house ant. You will likely find these ants in your kitchen near food.


Fire Ants

Fire ants are red ants that you will likely find outside in your backyard. Unfortunately, these ones do bite, and their bites can cause a lot of pain. Generally you won’t have to worry about these being house ants.


Velvet Ants

Velvet ants are in the wasp family, and they feed on nectar or the larvae of other insects. These ants are more dangerous, however, they are the least common type of ant to find in your home.

All types of ants can sneak into your home or business all throughout the year, especially in the state of North Carolina because of our unique climate. Do not let an ant infestation take over areas of your home or business. Call Top NC Pest Control today!

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