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North Carolina is blessed with a vibrant and varied ecosystem that is thriving with creatures of all kinds. However, when these animals leave their natural habitats and invade our own, removing them properly needs to be a top priority. Without being properly addressed, they can cause a plethora of issues that can impact the safety of your property and the people who may live or work there. Securing proper animal control means calling experts like the vast pest control network of Top NC Pest Control today.

Animals can often be more difficult to remove than many people might assume. Having a good knowledge base about the type of animal you are dealing with and its potential risks is key in dealing with the problem safely and effectively. Our critter control network has dealt with just about every kind of wildlife in North Carolina, and our specialized network of service providers understands how to best remove the animal at a low risk to both themselves as well as the animal. We want to preserve the beauty and natural variety that North Carolina has to offer, which means treating the wildlife here as humanely as possible while still making sure that it stays out of our buildings and homes.

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Just a few of the animals we know how to best address include:

  • Snakes: Although the majority of snakes in North Carolina are not dangerous to humans, many people still find them intrusive and upsetting. Snakes are drawn to warm, dark, damp places, which means that crawl spaces, outbuildings, and even swimming pools can attract them. While many species of snakes in North Carolina are non-venomous, we do also have several different varieties of venomous snakes throughout the state. Instead of taking the risk yourself, trust our affiliate network to safely handle the removal of the snake from its unwanted location and to a more suitable spot.
  • Bats: Bats are small, flying rodents that are clever and helpful for many things, including keeping down insect populations and serving as pollinators for their local environment. However, their excellent sense of echolocation also means that they can navigate into cracks and crevices that they should not be able to enter, meaning that they can be a huge problem in the summer and fall months of the year. Typically, bats will choose to stay away from humans, but their presence can bring a whole host of complications if they invade your home. Bats are known for carrying disease, not the least of which is rabies, and their presence often attracts other pests. What’s more, their guano, or fecal matter, can grow fungus and bacteria and lead to even more problems. If you suspect that you have a bat problem, you should call Top NC Pest Control now to get the help you need.
  • Raccoons: Raccoons are common throughout the United States, and North Carolina is certainly no exception. Very strong and nimble, these creatures have been known to invade attics, cellars, or chimneys in urban areas in order to seek shelter from the elements. Problematically, they are also well known to be prolific carriers of many diseases and bacteria that are threatening to humans, including rabies, round worm, and parvo virus. These large rodents are deceptively dangerous, and you should absolutely not try to remove them from your home or work by yourself. Instead, trust an experienced professional to remove the raccoon safely.
  • Birds: We have some beautiful species of birds here in North Carolina, but everyone knows that nesting birds in your home or business can only lead to unwanted complications. The best bird control not only addressed any issues you may be experiencing now, but looks ahead to prevent further problems from happening in the future. This can utilize the placement of deterrents for birds, or even modifying the structure to help make future bird infestation less likely.

These are just a few of the many critters that Top NC Pest Control highly trained network can and does deal with safely every day. Our service providers always take the time to inspect a situation thoroughly before recommending a course of action, so you know that you are not getting a plan of action based only on gut reaction, but rather thoughtful analysis. If you need help with these animals or any other local creatures like beavers, chipmunks, fox, rabbits, skunks, and more, call today to get a no obligation consultation. Animals are a wonderful part of nature, but in order for humans to really enjoy them, we and they need to stay in our separate spaces.