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Ants are one of North Carolina’s most prevalent pests, with several different types thriving throughout the state. Each have their own particular irritations and knowing the differences between them and how best to address their infestations require the experience of professional pest control staff. Top NC Pest Control has gathered the resources of many different pest control experts throughout the state in order to share knowledge and best practices. This ensures that we will provide you with the best possible service in identifying and eliminating your ant infestation.

The first step in properly addressing your ant problem is correctly identifying the type of ants with which you are struggling. Each kind of ant comes with its own particular set of challenges for North Carolinians to cope with, and knowing which species you are dealing can be trickier than you might assume. Here are just a few of the many species that could potentially be infesting your property:

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  • Carpenter Ants: These are among the largest ant species that you will find in North Carolina, and to be even more confusing they actually vary dramatically in size. They are usually brownish black in color, but can differ depending on their environment. Although they are not known for causing as much damage as their notorious fellow wood eating insect the termite, their tunneling through wood can still cause significant damage to homes, decks, barns, and other structures. They gain access through microscopic cracks in window sills, doors, or the foundation, and then they spread into sound wood. They prefer damp wood, so keeping your home dry is a great first step in preventing a carpenter ant infestation.
  • Odorous House Ant: This is the most common house pest in North Carolina, and in certain areas they can be found in practically every building. They are usually spotted in kitchens or bathrooms first, and are attracted to sweet food residue like spilled soda, cereal, or dessert crumbs. They are also attracted to fruit plants in the outdoors, most often infesting the vines of various types of melon. These insects can be identified in a number of ways, but perhaps the easiest is the distinctly coconut scent that they give off when crushed.
  • Fire Ants: Originally native to Brazil, these irritating ants have spread north every year and are now present throughout North Carolina. They are reddish brown in color, and tend to create nests in areas of disturbed or loose soil. If their nests are threatened in any way, they will swarm and bite extremely aggressively. These bites are not only painful because of their itching and burning, but also can be dangerous to people’s health as about 2% of the population will have an anaphylactic shock as a result of getting bitten by a fire ant. They typically begin their infestation in lawns, and then will move to homes and other structures through cracks in the foundation. Once inside, they have been known to infest every possible crevice, including shorting out light switches or taking over the insulation between a wall and the studs.
  • Velvet Ant: The large and aggressive insects are actually a species of wasp, and have only recently been found to have spread into North Carolina. Also known as Cow Killers, these insects pack a particularly nasty punch when they bite. Their bites can cause extreme swelling and pain, and they should be treated with the utmost care if found on your property.

Overall, ants may seem fairly common, but in reality, they are a seriously problematic pest that needs to be dealt with in exactly the right way. Each variety of ant has its own specific feeding and housing patterns, which means that the correct identification of the kind of ant you are dealing with is essential to treating the infestation properly. The partners of Top NC Pest Control know all of the best ways to correctly identify the type of ant that is plaguing you and have access to every cutting-edge treatment on the market in order to resolve your ant issues in a timely and efficient manner. Over the counter methods may have limited success in getting ants out of your home or business, but in order to really be able to rest easy, you need to know that you are doing everything possible to address the ant infestation. Calling Top NC Pest Control today will get you a quick and easy quote with one of our many experienced pest control partners. They will know the best way to kill ants so that you don’t have to.