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Bed bugs, once thought to have been exterminated throughout the United States, have become an increasingly large problem in the last few years. They have been present since at least the colonial period, and are an irritating pest that can easily infiltrate most of the fabric surfaces in your home if you are not careful. Many people want to know where bed bugs come from, but the truth is simply that they are excellent at hitchhiking, and their small, flat bodies can slip into spaces that you might think were impossible to fit in. This means that they can be easily transported from one place to another, making it easy the spread them between motels, houses, apartments, and other points of high transmission. Knowing how to properly identify a bed bug infestation and having a clear plan of action once you identify a problem can be key in stopping the infestation from spreading further. However, one of the challenges with bed bugs is that it can be extremely difficult to tell if you have a problem.

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Part of what makes identifying a bed bug infestation so challenging is that bed bugs are extremely small, topping out at less than a ¼ of an inch in length. For this reason, pictures of bed bugs can often be misleading, making people believe that the bugs are larger and easier to spot than they actually are. These bugs are oval and wingless, never developing the ability to fly, and are generally a pale, brownish red color. Due to their diminutive size and the fact that they are nocturnal, it can often be difficult to identify their presence during the day. However, there are a few key warning signs that you can look for if you suspect that you may have a problem with bed bugs.

Perhaps one of the clearest signs that you may have bed bugs is if you find yourself struggling with itchy, red welts after a night of sleep. Bed bugs feed on blood from humans and animals, and often will bite people during the night. If you’re not sure if the bites you are suffering from are bed bug bites, you can always search to find pictures of bed bug bites online, comparing them to your own welts. An equally distressing sign of bedbugs may be the presence of small dots of blood on your sheets, a physical sign of the blood bed bugs are drawing from you as you sleep. Another indicator of a bed bug problem is finding small hard shells or skins on your mattress. As bed bugs grow larger, they generally shed their exoskeletons, leaving behind an empty, translucent shell that can help you identify the presence of bed bugs even during the day.

If you suspect that you have a problem with bed bugs, the first and most important thing to do is call our team at Top NC Pet Control. The experienced exterminators in our vast network will come to your home and do a deep, thorough examination of all of the potentially at risk sections of your home, including mattresses, box springs, wall hangings, curtains, furniture, and even some less obvious places like floorboards and electrical socket covers. The professional in our network know all of the unlikely places that bed bugs can congregate and use their years of experience to make certain that they find every trouble spot.

After they locate the bugs, they will then undertake an extensive treatment meant to address the entirety of your problem, taking the time and preparation necessary to do it correctly. Depending on how severe your bed bug infestation is, this treatment can take several hours. However, our team will work together with you to make sure that it is successful, addressing every potential problem area so you have the best chance of killing all of the bed bugs in your home or place of business. What’s more, instead of using toxic and unpleasant bed bug sprays to address the issue, we recommend several safer, more effective treatments. Perhaps the best method is thermal bed bug treatment, which uses extremely high temperatures to kill bed bugs in any room where they might be located. This treatment is safe, thorough, and requires little preparation by the customer, making it an excellent way to address bed bugs in your home.

If you are worried that you may have a problem with bed bugs, don’t continue to suffer. Call Top NC Pest Control today to get the help you need in addressing this very real problem. Our team of network professionals knows how to identify, treat, and prevent bed bugs from returning in the future. Contact us now to get a no obligation consultation.