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Durham, also known as Bull City, is a growing and essential part of the Research Triangle area. Situated directly in the famed Piedmont area, this city has all of the benefits and challenges of the ecosystems on either side of the state. What’s more, while it is a thriving urban area, it is surrounded by several state parks and recreation centers that draw the attention of pests that might be more commonly associated with rural areas. All of this makes Durham a particularly challenging area for pest control concerns. Luckily, the experts that we have partnered with here at Top NC Pest Control can help. We have spent time gathering some of the most experienced, trusted professionals in the business and can help you to get the help you need the first time.

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  • Durham_Location_1-300x227 Durham

Its unique location in the state make Durham a challenge for many pest control experts. However, here at Top NC Pest Control, we pre-vet all of the extermination companies we work with before ever referring you to them. This ensures that you are getting matched with the best available service in your local area, true experts that really understand the unique challenges that Bull City offers pest control professionals. Just a few of the pests that Durham residents need to worry about on a daily basis include:

  • Bed Bugs: These tiny and tricky insects are prone to spreading quickly, especially throughout the hospitality industry. They are extremely easy to transfer from location to location without realizing it, spreading their negative impacts far and wide with very little effort. Once an area becomes infested with bed bugs, you can expect for most of the fabric surfaces in your home or business to be infested with them. They breed quickly and feed on any available blood. Their tiny size and nocturnal nature makes them difficult to correctly identify, but if you are covered with itchy red welts after an attempt at a good night’s sleep, chances are that you have bed bugs. Durham in particular has been struggling with the spread of bed bugs, and the experts in this area are very familiar with how to find and treat these tricky pests.
  • Rodents: Durham’s quick growth matched with its location surrounded by forests and other green area make it a prime breeding spot for many different species of rodents. These furry little beasts are quickly to take shelter in homes or businesses, drawn by the promise of food and shelter. Once they’ve made a nest in a particular space, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of because they breed quickly and are typically a bit smarter than your average pest. They have been known to damage properties by chewing things like wires, cords, or insulation, and their fecal matter and urine can carry dangerous bacteria like salmonella. Truly addressing a rodent infestation is going to require long term help from experienced experts who knows how to deal with the particular rodents in your neighborhood.
  • Roaches: These large, intimidating looking bugs are common throughout the south and many people find them disturbing or frightening. They are drawn to dark, damp spaces, like the inside of pipes, underneath sinks, or the interior of kitchen cabinets. They have been known to compromise food stores, so making sure to secure any dry goods in your pantry is a smart first step to dealing with potential cockroach infestations. However, these household pests are so common in the south that truly exorcising them from your home or business requires the expertise gained over years and lots of practice. Don’t let roaches take you by surprise, call to get the help you need today.
  • Termites: These infamous wood-eating pests are the most costly pests in the United States, causing upwards of $5 billion dollars of damage annually. Another $2 billion is spent of termite treatment and prevention. However, if found early, termite infestations can be responsibly and thoroughly treated to ensure that your repair bill stays reasonably low. We partner with some of the top termite experts in the business, giving you access to their expertise, knowledge, and products so that you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible treatment for your termite problems. By investing in termite treatment today, you will save money on repairs tomorrow.

All of these pests and more are great examples of the kinds of problems the team we have gathered at Top NC Pest Control is experienced at identifying, treating, and preventing. Throughout our network, we work with locally based professionals who have years of experience in the field, meaning that they’ve seen just about every pest combination and infestation that Durham has to offer. Together, our team can find you the right treatment for your particular problems, addressing them now and making sure to prevent them in the future. Calling for a consultation will get you access to our entire team of partners, and a consultation will mean that your property can be inspected thoroughly in order to get the best possible service in the business. We make sure to listen to your concerns first, trusting your experience to be the guide to our investigation of the pest situation on your property.

Of course, we know that over the counter remedies are flooding the market on a regular basis, claiming to be able to give you the ability to address your pest problems on your own. However, realistically these products are less effective than the methods that professionals have access to, and using them will often require repeated attempts to see any progress at all. Instead of wasting your time and money with products that may or may not work for your particular pest situation, trust our pre-vetted team of experts to be able to provide the right products the first time around to resolve your situation quickly and thoroughly. Our partners have access to top of the line products that are designed to fit specific pest needs, making sure that you are taking a targeted and specific approach to your pest control problem.

After your pest problem has been properly identified by experienced extermination experts, they will work with you to create a customized, long term pest solution that fits your particular needs. With access to a plethora of products and years of experience, our partners know exactly how to plan ahead to address your concerns both now and into the future. With access to the most cutting edge pest control technologies and treatments, our network of partners will be able to address both residential and commercial concerns in order to keep your space safe, clean, and pest free both now and into the future.

Top NC Pest Control has worked to build a network of pest professionals that are experts in their particular fields as well as valuing the all-important aspect of top notch customer care. We work to make certain that every partner we work with will take the time to listen to your particular needs and desires, working to design a long-term pest solution that addresses all of your major concerns. We want to build long lasting relationships with our customers so that whenever you are facing a pest situation, you will know who to call. For this reason, customer care is at the forefront of every interaction both we and our network of partners completes with the people who call us for help. We want to make sure that above all, you are satisfied with your pest control experience.

Our large network also means that we have access to a wide variety of solutions to any pest control situation. This means that the exterminators we work with will not only provide you with chemical or trap options to treat your problems, but can also make recommendations about additional preventative measures you may take, like changing your landscaping or addressing any water issues that may be causing problems around your property. Many people have expressed concern over the use of toxic chemicals in addressing pest control situations, so we make sure to keep abreast of every new green, more natural option on the market and how well they work. We value the health and safety of our clients, and that means being responsible about thorough pest control as well as using safer options when they are available.

Working with locally based professionals is also beneficial because it means that they are in tune with the ebb and flows of the pests in your specific neighborhood. If the bed bug registry is growing ever closer to your bed and breakfast, or rats have been making their way up from the banks of the rivers, the local professional exterminators that we have teamed together with are sure to know. They will be able to recommend the best possible action to address your current needs as well as be able to more accurately forecast potential problems in the future. Partnering with a neighbor instead of a big, faceless brand name is always more comforting, and we make sure to always treat you like the cherished neighbor that you are to us.