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Fayetteville Pest Control


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Best known as the home of Fort Bragg, a major U.S. Army installation on the north side of the city, Fayetteville is a cluster of hustle and bustle of growth and moving populations of people. The Cape Fear area is growing every day with an influx of people drawn to the temperate climate and inviting, scenic vistas of the local waterways, and overall it can be a wonderful city to live in. Located in the southeastern corner of North Carolina, this part of the state is extremely prone to a wide variety of pests due to its warmer, more humid climate and the prevalence of water that is present in the area.

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  • Top-NC-Pest-Control-Fayettville-NC-Location-1-e1504714904971-300x201 Fayetteville

Living in Fayetteville can be beautiful, but if you are not cautious, it can also leave you and your property exposed to a plethora of different and very serious pests. The growing population draws the attention of many insects, and the slightly warmer, more humid climate means that there are naturally more pests in general. Here at Top NC Pest Control, we work to gather together local experts that know the best ways of addressing the pests that are most likely to plague your homes and businesses. A few of these include the following:

  • Termites: These remarkably destructive pests are attracted to damp wood in particular, making the homes along the Cape Fear riverway particularly attractive to their species. Once a house is infected, these bugs can do massive structural damage that can take thousands of dollars to repair. These repairs are often not covered under your insurance policy, which means that between addressing the termite problem as well as their damages, you can easily be out more money than you can really afford. This is why early detection is key to treating termite infestations, because catching their presence early is the best way to mitigate their potential damage on your property. We work with some of the top termite experts in the business, including names you may know like Orkin or Terminix. Don’t take risks with termites – call today to get the help you need.  
  • Rodents: Mice and rats are fairly common throughout the Fayetteville area, as they are attracted to both the increasing population as well as the more damp ecosystem. These pesky creatures can easily find their way into your walls and attics, chewing on wires, chords and even insulation and causing untold damage. Their urine and feces are known carriers of undesirable bacteria like salmonella, which can be a huge problem if you are running any kind of commercial business as it could leave you vulnerable to litigation. Instead of trying to handle the problem yourself, trust pest control experts to find their nests and make sure that they are properly disposed of. We can make sure that your home is healthy and your business is compliant with all state and local safety and health regulations.
  • Bed Bugs: As urban populations increase, these blood sucking irritants also tend to grow in number. Once inside a home or business, they quickly multiply and infest many different surfaces. They are incredibly small and largely nocturnal, which means that their presence is often difficult to detect until the infestation is already out of control. What’s more, treating your home or business for their presence can be particularly tricky, as their preferred habitats are typically things that you don’t want soaked in toxic chemicals, like your bed or furniture. Generally, we recommend very well controlled heat treatments, burning them out of existence. This requires time, patience, and an extremely high level of skill that our partners have accumulated over years of experience in the field. Do not waste time with toxic and ineffective sprays – call a professional now to get the help you need.
  • Larger Animals: With its location along the Cape Fear River, Fayetteville is an extremely attractive habitat for a wide variety of critters great and small. This means that animals are searching for homes in the same spaces of human habitation, which often leads to some unpleasant overlap in territory. Whether you are presented with a particularly petulant opossum, a snake nesting in your garden shed, or even a smelly skunk who thinks that it’s found its new home, safe critter removal is a tricky business. Removing these creatures can be an arduous undertaking, and we will make sure to refer you to one of our partners that specializes in competent critter control.

These are just a few of the pests that the network of pest control experts associated with Top NC Pest Control are experienced at dealing with. These locally based professionals are deeply acquainted with the Fayetteville area, and know all of the right treatments to address your problems both now and in the future. When you contact us for a no obligation quote, we will be sure to match your concerns with our most competent specialists in those particular areas, so that you know that you are getting the team you need to treat the problem at hand. We will trust your account of the things you have seen to guide our first investigations, making sure to address your top concerns.

Instead of trying to take care of any potential infestation yourself through the use of non-specific, unknown chemicals found at the local grocery or hardware store, why not ret easy in the knowledge that our team has access to cutting edge technologies and chemicals designed to target specific pests? Our large network of partners means that our team has access to just about every pest control option on the market, and we can match your particular problem to the right solution the first time rather than wasting your time and money on pointless, ineffective treatments that are not designed for the pest problem that you may be dealing with.

Our partner network can work together to create a completely custom plan of attack that addresses the needs of your property both now and into the future. We believe in thinking ahead to prevent pest problems before they begin, listening to your particular concerns and creating a custom prevention plan that addresses your needs. Customer care is always our first priority, because we are interested in building relationships with you that last beyond the addressing of your initial problem. After all, true pest control in the south is not a one-time endeavor, but a continual task that must be thought of in a proactive way. By thinking ahead, we can work together to make sure that your property remains a pest free zone no matter what the future may hold.

Our large network of partners also offers us the opportunity to address concerns about how we undertake pest control in the first place. Through our connections, we have access to both traditional methods of pest control as well as more cutting edge, interesting techniques that put a premium on the health of the ecosystem overall. This is why one of your inspector’s priorities during the initial consultation will be to not only identify any potential infestations that you might be dealing with, but also where those infestations may have arisen from. They can use their years of experience to offer tips on landscaping, water drainage, gutter cleaning, and other common outdoor issues that may be compounding your potential pest problems. Additionally, when it comes time for actual treatment, our partners have access to ore naturally based, ecofriendly chemicals that may suit your situation perfectly. We understand that the health and safety of your family, neighbors, and employees is important to you, and so we make sure to make it important to us by accessing less toxic, more environmentally friendly solutions to exterminating needs.

Gaining access to our large network of locally based professionals also means that you gain the ability to forecast the potential pest problems that may arise in your area. By networking pest professionals together, Top NC Pest Control has helped to create a network that can track the movement and tendencies of pests in a particular area. Hopefully, this means that we can work together to be proactive about pest control instead of simply reacting to whatever situation that is put in front of us. When you get help from the team of professionals that make up Top NC Pest Control, you know that you are getting access to a dedicated local expert that will be able to identify the problems you have now as well as what you may be likely to deal with in the future.

Life alongside a river is beautiful, but can often come with complications. Pests are just one of a myriad of issues that come with living in the Cape Fear region, but with access to a top notch team, these concerns can and will be mitigated. Contacting Top NC Pest Control today means thinking ahead to what you would like your life to be like in the Fayetteville area. Our team is ready and able to help you create a safe, pest free environment to live in.