Flea and Tick

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These pests are most often associated with pet ownership, but it is actually fairly common for homes that have no pets at all to struggle with flea or tick infestations. Each of these pests come with their own problems and present a variety of potential complications for humans and animals alike. These pests have become increasingly difficult to treat over the last few years as they adapt to become resistant to more traditional methods of pesticides. Do not make the mistake of assuming that your home or workplace is immune to the dangers that fleas or ticks represent.

Fleas in particular are usually associated with pet ownership, as cats and dogs are very prone to becoming infested with these biting pests. However, homes can easily become infected with fleas that attach themselves to your clothes. Once inside, these insects breed prolifically and can infest just about every surface, including beds, carpets, drapes, pets, and other surfaces. A single female flea can lay up to 30 eggs a day for over a week, meaning that flea infestations spread more quickly than you would expect. Flea bites are itchy and uncomfortable and the insects themselves have been known to transmit several diseases.

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The extermination experts that are partnered with Top NC Pest Control have years of experience combating serious flea problems both inside homes and yards. They will be able to identify the sources of your current flea infestation and treat them accordingly, ridding your home of the pests once and for all. Additionally, they will examine your yard for potential areas where the fleas may be breeding and recommend ways to address the problem from its inception. By treating both your current flea problems as well as their potential sources, the team with Top NC Pest Control can help to really mitigate the issues fleas can cause in your home.

Ticks are often thought to be insects very closely related to fleas, but in reality they are actually a very dangerous form of arachnids like scorpions or spiders. Ticks are extremely dangerous because instead of biting once, drawing the blood they need, and then biting again, they latch onto their prey, slowing drawing blood over an extended period of time, often going unnoticed for several days at a time. This increased contact time with their prey means that they are extremely adept at carrying and transmitting diseases to their hosts. Just a few of the diseases that ticks are known to carry include Spotted Rocky Mountain Fever, Lyme Disease, and Ehrlichiosis. Many of these diseases are very serious, and some even have no known cure.

Ticks are associated with both woodland areas as well as long grasses. Both of these are common in North Carolina, which explains why the recent years have seen skyrocketing numbers of tick problems throughout the state. They will then attach themselves to passing humans or animals and breed on their hosts, but because their bites are long lasting, they can often not be detected until an infestation contains thousands of biting pests. The pest control experts that we work with know how to safely remove, treat, and prevent these troubling arachnids from becoming perpetual pests in your home.

Luckily, although fleas and ticks are not the same pest by any means, they have very similar methods of treatment and you can often prevent both by taking the same actions. We offer a wide variety of pest control services that can successfully address these two varieties of biting pests so that you can feel safe from their negative impacts. When you call and schedule a no obligation quote, our team will be quick and thorough in addressing every area where fleas or ticks might be entering your home. Our vast network of partnerships means that we have constant access to the best pest control methods and products on the market, giving you the best possible chance of successfully ridding yourself of your flea and tick infestation.

Don’t take a risk with the health of yourself, your family, or your pets. Instead, trust the professionals working with Top NC Pest Control to know where to find fleas and ticks and how to get rid of them once and for all. Regular treatments can properly protect your property from the ravages that these pests can cause. Call us now to begin your journey to a pest free future today. Your consultation will be quick and easy with absolutely no obligation, allowing you to take the time to make the best possible decision for your home.