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In terms of population, Greensboro is the third largest city in North Carolina, with an ever-growing array of entertainment, culture, and businesses flocking to the area. However, as the city grows, it also attracts the attention of unwanted pests. If you live in the Greensboro area and are struggling with how to kill ants, identify a potential termite infestation, or banish unwanted rodents from your home or business, Top NC Pest Control with our vast partnerships in the state can help you. Our partners have worked in the Greensboro area for years, and are very familiar with the changes that the city has undergone and how they have affected the pest population. Instead of trying to address your problems alone and operating in the dark, call today to get the help you need with your pest problems.

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Greensboro as a city is unique because it attracts pests that are associated with both urban and rural areas. To its west and east it has the other urban areas of Winston-Salem and the smaller town of Burlington surrounding it, making it very prone to infestations of common urban pests like bed bugs, ants, and roaches. However, to the city’s north and south there are larger rural areas, meaning that critter control and rodents are also a concern in this city. Here are a few of the specific pests that are commonly found in Greensboro:

  • Roaches: Roaches are common in the humid climate of North Carolina, and they tend to be attracted to many of the side effects of urban living. Finding a roach in your home is both unpleasant and unhealthy, as they can lead to asthma complications if allowed to infest a space unchecked. These creatures are not toxic, but any people find them disturbing to deal with, and because they are so common in southern climates, truly addressing their presence often means seeking out the help of pest management professionals.
  • Spiders: The state of North Carolina is home to a wide range of spiders, and many of these are venomous in nature. While we don’t have any varieties that could kill, we are home to many species that can cause concern. With Greensboro’s unique geographical situation, it is a logical home to ever increasing numbers and varieties of spiders. These creatures are being pushed out of their usual countryside homes and into urban spaces, and dealing with them can often require the skills of professionals. Instead of blindly assuming that all spiders are the same, trust a true professional to know how to deal with exact kinds of spiders you are struggling with.
  • Critter Control: As urban sprawl advances through areas that were previously rural to the north and the south of the city, animals of all shapes and sizes are being forced to adapt to sharing their homes with humans. Often, this means that you may find unwanted creatures taking up residence on your property, whether it’s an inconvenient snake underneath your porch, a displaced skunk in your garden shed, or raccoons troubling your trash bins. Safely removing and relocating these creatures requires the experience and knowledge of pest mitigation specialists who deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis. Our partners have the experience needed to relocate these animals in a way that preserves their safety and your property. Don’t put yourself at risk by trying to address these wild animals on your own terms – call a pest management professional today.
  • Rodents: It often seems that rodents are an inevitable side effects of growing human populations. Attracted to the trash and waste that is a side product of large groups of people, these pests can cause a lot of damage without you necessarily realizing that they are there. Once rodents inhabit a space they can be extremely difficult to get rid of, as they breed year-round and are very hardy. Their constant chewing as well as their feces and urine can do a lot of damage to property as well s exposing the humans in the area to dangerous pathogens like salmonella. Instead of running the risk of your rodent problem getting out of control, call for help today.

All of these pests and more are animals that the partners we work with at Top NC Pest Control are experienced at addressing. They are trained, locally based professionals that know the Greensboro area intimately and can get you the right treatment both now and into the future. When you call for a consultation, we will be sure to send the right team to your door to address your specific concerns, so that we can deal with your problems both now and into the future. Our partners will examine your home or office thoroughly, making sure to focus on particular areas of concern that you point out so that we don’t miss any potential sign of infestation. Your experience of the space is our first key in knowing how to best provide the solutions you need for your pest problems.

Although there are more and more over the counter remedies for pest control arriving on the market on a practically daily basis, when you call the professional partners at Top NC Pest Control you are guaranteed to have access to top of the line products. This means that our partners can identify and use the right chemicals or treatment methods the first time, saving you the energy, time, and money that you might waste on trying to address your pest problems by yourself. Instead of wasting resources with generic, less effective methods of treatment, trust that the professionals we work with know how to best address the situation to get the job done quickly and effectively. Together, we will work with you to come up with long term, sustainable solutions that get your pest problem under control.

Once your specific pest problems have been identified, our partners will work hand in hand with you to create a one of a kind, custom solution to your particular pest control needs. Our wide network of partnerships means that we have access to the best products available on the market for each and every pest that plagues North Carolina. This means that you can invest in the protection of your home with the certainty that you are using the best possible method of addressing your pest problems. Whether your problem is at home or in a commercial space, our partners will be able to create long term solutions that can offer you much needed peace of mind.

Top NC Pest Control was formed to ensure that the pest management industry is providing the best possible customer care available. It is always our goal to build long-term, lasting relationships with our clients so that we can come to be seen as a trusted resource when dealing with any unwanted pest situation. Our partners have years of experience in customer care, so they are going to be able to explain your current problems, forecast the best methods to treat them, and make you feel safe in your space once more. We know that dealing with unwanted pests is difficult enough, and believe that quality customer service can at least mitigate the experience so that you are not miserable through the entire process.

The wide variety of partners that we work with also offer a variety of treatments for every pest control situation. They will not only offer choices regarding what chemicals and methods will be used to address your pest control concerns, but can also offer tips and tricks on preventative measures you can take to protect your space. They will examine your landscaping, your gutters, and other common outdoor issues that may be compounding your pest problems and offer logical ways to address them. Additionally, they have access to both traditional and more green methods of treatment in order to cater to the increased concern surrounding the casual use of chemicals. All of our partners value the health and safety of our customers as well as the environment, and will work tirelessly to preserve the sanctity of both.

North Carolina is a beautiful but unpredictable state. By partnering with trusted professionals in your local area, we can identify and be aware of trends in your area regarding insect and rodent infestations. Our partners stay informed about new pests encroaching on urban areas as well as learning about important industry tools that can help treat and mitigate these concerns. When you get help from the team of professionals that make up Top NC Pest Control, you know that you are getting access to a dedicated local expert that will be able to identify the problems you have now as well as what you may be likely to deal with in the future.

All of these reasons and more are why you should call Top NC Pest Control today. Our team is ready and able to help you create a safe, pest free environment to live in. Greensboro is growing by leaps and bounds, and we want to work to help make sure that its growth does not come with unwanted side effects. Instead of trying to battle pests on your own, trust our team to help.