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Often written off as merely irritating, mosquitoes are sometimes just seen as an unavoidable fact of life, especially in the southeastern United States. According to Orkin, one of the top exterminating brands in the country, the top 21 mosquito-plagued cities are located in the southeast, and several of those cities are located right here in North Carolina. As a team of seasoned professionals, the partners of Top NC Pest Control know the best ways to deal with pests like mosquitoes so that you can best protect yourself and those you care about from the potentially hazardous effects of these virulent pests.

Internationally, mosquitos are known to carry diseases like malaria and dengue fever. More locally, mosquitos have been proven to be carriers of diseases like West Nile virus and other infections which can cause swelling of the brain and other serious health concerns. Additionally, North Carolina is officially on the list of states most at risk for the continued spread of the Zika virus, which can cause very serious birth defects if a pregnant mother is bitten. All of this means that mosquitos need to be taken more seriously as a potential threat to humans and animals alike.

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In North Carolina, the most common species of mosquito present is the Asian tiger mosquito, which is most active during the day. This means that outdoor activities in North Carolina during mosquito season can carry an element of risk to them. Our partners at Top NC Pest Control know the best ways to decrease mosquitoes’ presence on your property both with top of the line pest control products as well as recommending natural, chemical free steps to diminish their presence. Mosquitoes love water and will often choose breeding sites near creeks, ponds, lakes, containers, or even drainage ditches. By identifying and mitigating these potential breeding grounds, real strides can be made in the struggle to free your yard from the stranglehold of these blood sucking pests. Common containers that can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes include:

Bird Baths: While these are lovely for adding visual interest to your landscape architecture, they can often be loaded with mosquito larvae. By cleaning them regularly and refreshing their water supply, you will keep your bird friends happier and reduce your mosquito presence.
Cans, buckets, and containers: It can often be tempting to leave these containers handy since you never know when they might come in useful. However, their depth means that they are particularly attractive areas for mosquitoes to breed. Make sure to clean these and store them in a dry location for future use.

Swimming pools: We love a cool dip in the pool as much as the next overheated southerner, but without proper maintenance these recreational spots become dangerous insect attractors. Make sure that your water is always properly treated and kept moving or covered whenever possible.
Gutters: Overloaded gutters are perpetually damp and provide an appealing home for mosquito larvae. Make sure to keep your gutter clean and the water in them moving smoothly.

Outside of identifying and eliminating potential breeding sites, the next logical step in mosquito prevention and mitigation will be undertaking in regular mosquito treatments. The team of pest extermination experts we have gathered at Top NC Pest Control has access to all of the latest cutting edge chemicals and treatment options on the market, giving you the widest variety of options to customize the potential ways you can address your pest problems. We have both traditional chemical treatments as well as greener, naturally based options that can help decrease the presence of mosquitos and other biting insects on your property. Whether you need the heavy duty but still entirely safe options available to you or you are more intrigued by our naturally based products, we have the right treatment to help lessen the presence of mosquitos in your yard.

Mosquito treatments will include spraying on all potential problem spots in your yard, thoroughly covering them with pesticide that can last through all kinds of weather for up to 21 days. Our partners will also treat any standing water on your property with a larvicide that will prevent the further development of more mosquitoes. During the height of mosquito season, we recommend a monthly mosquito treatment for the best results. We can arrange a regular, hassle free appointment so that you never need to worry that your yard will become susceptible.

Instead of hiding indoors during some of the most beautiful months of the year, trust the team of reliable extermination experts that Top NC Pest Control has assembled. Call today to get a no obligation consultation on the places in your yard that could use mosquito protection.