Stinging Insects

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In the warm and verdant climate of the south, there are many different types of flying, stinging insects that are often referred to as bees. However, many of these are not actual honeybees and do not provide the positive benefits that their relatives do. What’s more, their stings can cause allergic reactions that can be deadly to some. Learning to differentiate between the helpful honeybee and the less helpful varieties of stinging insects can be key in figuring out the best ways to treat potential infestations safely and effectively.

Most stinging insects that are mistaken for bees are actually some variation of the wasp, which are generally thinner than bees with less hair. They feed on other insects rather than pollen, tend to be more hostile, and are altogether much nastier of a pest to deal with. Just a few of these stinging insects include:

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  • Yellow Jackets: These are small, stinging insects that generally make paper based nests in cavities or void of lawns, trees, or even attics or wall openings of a house. While these colonies do die out at the end of every season, if they are in your home they can cause structural damage. An experienced pest control professional can locate the nest and determine whether waiting out the natural life span of the pests or treating the problem immediately to remove the nest.
  • Paper Wasps: These insects are generally considered beneficial, as they feed on caterpillars and other insects that can cause damage to crops and even structures. They are attracted to light and will usually only sting if they or their nest is threatened. However, like other wasp species, they will often choose inconvenient locations for their nests, including attics, chimneys, air conditioning vents, and more. If you find a paper wasp next in your home, make sure to consult a pest expert about its removal.
  • Carpenter Bees: These are large black and yellow creatures that can often be found hovering around places of human habitation, like decks, porch railings, and underneath the eaves of houses. They use their strong jaws to make large holes in wood structures. They do not consume the wood, but instead clear it out to make way for their own network of tunnels that house their hives. It can take many years for these holes to cause any real structural integrity problems within the wood, and protecting exposed wood from carpenter bee damage can be difficult or nearly impossible. Truly addressing these pests will require professional expertise.
  • European Hornet: These large flying insects are extremely defensive in nature, and fly during the day and night. They are attracted to light and can be extremely troublesome pests. Their removal is best completed by a professional to make certain that the entire hive is being completely removed from the affected structure.

Stinging insects can be beneficial for the ecosystem, but are also often dangerous. Dealing with them in an educated and safe manner means having years of experience on hand to be able to properly identify, find, and remove the nest in question. Here at Top NC Pest Control, we have partnered with respected and trusted local companies who have years of practice dealing with every stinging insect North Carolina has to offer. They are extremely well-versed in the best ways to identify, locate, and remove the nests of stinging insects while also minimizing the damage being done to the local ecosystem.

Additionally, these teams have access to top of the line pest control products, meaning that they can often address the issue correctly the first time. This access to quality products saves you both time and money instead of wasting valuable resources using the wrong products for the job. We believe in using products that make sense for the job at hand, and will only recommend the most useful chemicals. Instead of wasting your money on every available over the counter remedy hoping that one may do the job, trust the exterminators near you to know which products will be most effective at solving your problem with stinging insects.

Here at Top NC Pest Control, our first priority is top notch customer service. We understand that stinging insects are a type of pest that many people find extremely frightening. The teams we have partnered with will be sure to listen thoroughly to your concerns and provide the best possible ways to address the situation without causing you unnecessary concern. Trust the experts to take care of your stinging insect problem by calling for a quote today.