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Winston-Salem is a quickly growing city located on the outer edge of North Carolina’s famed Piedmont area in the central part of the state. It’s a beautiful and ecologically interesting part of the state that offers many of the benefits of both the coast and the mountains. However, this location also brings with it particular challenges, as the ecosystem is particularly vulnerable to the pests from all around the state. Its location between the mountains and the coast mean that it often deals with the ravages of pests that frequent both the coast as well as the mountain ranges. The vast partnership team associated with Top NC Pest Control knows how to address the wide variety of pest issues that can arise in Winston-Salem homes and businesses.

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As this city grows and changes, it attracts pests just like any large congregation of people is bound to do. However, Winton-Salem is unique due to it being surrounded on three sides by a predominantly rural environment. This means that the city can struggle with pest control problems that plague both cities and the countryside alike. Whether you are concerned about the presence of ticks in your fields and wooded areas, mosquitoes that plague flatter areas where water congregates, or trying to understand how to protect your home from wandering critters, the team at Top NC Pest Control has gathered can help to answer all of your pest related questions. Just a few of the specific pests that frequent the Winston-Salem area include:

  • Fleas and Ticks: To the west of Winston-Salem, you can find the dense and beautiful forests and mountains of the Blue Ridge. Fleas and ticks frequent this geography, and have easily made their way to the Winston-Salem area. Now they can be found in the long grasses or the wooded areas that surround the city. Not only can flea and tick bites be irritating or even painful, but ticks are known to carry several serious diseases, including Lyme Disease, for which there is no known cure. Fleas, on the other hand, breed extremely quickly and can infest your home almost before you become aware of their presence. Instead of taking risks with your health, call our experts at Top NC Pest Control to keep you and your property tick and flea free.
  • Critter Control: As the growing city encroaches further and further into what used to be predominantly rural areas, displaced critters are searching for new homes and habitats. Unfortunately, this means that their new homes often overlap with our own, leaving you to deal with unwanted creatures in your spaces. While you may not wish these animals any harm, that doesn’t mean that you want to deal with them in your home or business. Our partners will know the safest and kindest ways to remove these critters so that your space can be safe from critter encroachment. Whether you are dealing with a sulky skunk, a sneaky snake, or a pissed off porcupine, our partners will know how to remove it safely.
  • Mosquitos: Winston-Salem’s particular piedmont geography means that it has plenty of places for water to collect and lay stagnant. This is a natural invitation for mosquitos to breed and congregate, explaining why the city has a growing problem every year with the itchy, biting flying insects. Often, these biting bugs are thought of as a mere nuisance. However, it is becoming ever clearer that mosquitos are more than just general pests, as they are known carriers of several serious diseases, including the infamous and spreading Zika virus that originated in South America. Instead of surrounding your outdoor spaces to the inevitable bite of mosquitos, calling Top NC Pest Control can start you on the path to a less mosquito filled future.
  • Ants: Ants are North Carolina’s most predominant pest, and every year sees new varieties and a spread of them to new areas of the state. The odorous house ant is the number one pest in the south. Small and numerous, these tiny insects live in social colonies and can be extremely difficult to get rid of once they have infested a building. Also of concern in the south are fire ants, which are extremely aggressive when they feel that they or their nest are being threatened. Their bites are painful and can cause extreme anaphylactic reactions in up to 2% of the population. These ants are located throughout North Carolina and are seriously concerning for many people. These are just two of the many species of ants that are prevalent in the North Carolina area, and Winston-Salem is certainly not immune to their ravages. Instead of hoping that your home or office may be spared the inconvenience of ant infestation, trust Top NC Pest Control to get an experienced extermination team to your site as soon as possible.

If you struggle with these or any other major pest problem, your next step should be to call us at Top NC Pest Control now. With one call, you will have access to all of the best pest experts in the Winston-Salem, who will come to your home or business for a free, no obligation pest consultation. We will listen to your top concerns and match you with the best pest experts available to address your specific situation. Our wide range of partnerships means that we have the ability to make sure that you are getting the best possible service for your exact concern, whether it be how to get rid of ants, how to best relocate an unwanted critter, or how to prevent rodent infestations.

After your immediate concerns are addressed, the team we send to you will be able to also recommend ways to address your long-term pest control needs. Here in North Carolina, true pest control is not achieved through a one-time consultation, but rather through a specific, long-term plan of action. Here at Top NC Pest Control, we try to build lasting relationships with all of our clients, putting customer service at the forefront of everything we do. We will keep record of the services we employ on your property so we can track the overall effectiveness of the methods we use over time, making sure to always adjust as necessary in order to get you the best results possible. This means that you can be proactive about your approach to pest control instead of only ever reacting to the negative situation you may find yourself in.

A call to us also gives you access to the top pest control methods and products. Due to our partnerships with so many different pest control experts, we are able to access the best possible products and methods in the pest control market. Exterminators no longer blindly throw chemicals at a situation and hope that they do the job, but instead invest in taking the time to identify the right tactic or products that will help clear up your pest problem quickly and efficiently. The teams we work with search for natural options and healthier alternatives than there used to be on the market, responding to the demands of our neighbors to respect their needs for healthier and safer pest control alternatives.  By taking a more holistic, thorough approach to pest control, our networks of partners are attempting to give your property the best chancer it has to become and remain pest free now and into the future.

What’s more, Top NC Pest Control only partners you with locally based experts in your area. This means that they are on the front lines of pest control in your specific neighborhoods, familiar with every ebb and flow that the pest population goes through. As pests react to their changing environment and adapt their behavior accordingly, our partners stay apprised by being in touch with their specific local areas. True pest control requires a forwarding thinking mindset that deals not only with the current situation, but foresees likely events in the future and deals with them accordingly. By working with our partners, you can get a customized, one of a kind pest control plan that works for your particular situation at a reasonable price.

Winston-Salem is a city with a plethora of possibilities before it. As it grows, pests are an inevitable fact of life, especially in the south. The network of extermination and pest control experts that Top NC Pest Control has built know all of the proper precautions to protect your home or business from the potential ravages of the pests that are a natural side effect of living in a warmer, developing climate. The piedmont area of Winston-Salem may have a plethora of pest challenges to sort through, but by recruiting the experienced help of a trusted and pre-vetted team, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of living in a growing and thriving urban environment. Instead of blindly struggling with mosquito swarms, misplaced rodents, troublesome tick bites, or other serious pest control problems, call our team today at Top NC Pest Control. We can help you achieve a more sanitary, pest-free future with minimal muss or fuss.