Who Has Been Eating My Cereal?

Who Has Been Eating My Cereal?

There’s nothing more disturbing than opening your favorite cereal or any snack and realizing the creature you’re unknowingly sharing your food with is an uninvited guest of the critter variety.  Missing food and holes and packages are a sign of pests’ presence in your home. The best way to determine whether this presence is an infestation is to look for the telltale signs of one. Here are signs to look for and where to look for them so you can take the proper pest control steps.


Signs to Look for

There are certain signs that can help you determine if you have bugs or rodents hiding out in your home. Noise is one that many people rely on but it’s not the sign you solely want to depend on when determining you have a pest problem. Here are a few other signs you can look for when you suspect critters are invading your space.


  • Nesting and Droppings

Small signs you can look for include any indication of droppings or nests. A pest sees your home as their home so they’ll use the bathroom wherever they like. Different kinds of critters have different kinds of dropping. So if you see dark balls lying in weird places, you can determine that it’s a pest and what kind of pest it is. While this is mostly a concern for rodents that are pests, the other indicator that you have a problem is finding any trace of nesting. If their nesting then that means that they’re getting close to producing more pests.


  • Damaged Furniture and Wiring

 Another indicator of rodents can be damaged furniture and wiring. Similar to how cats like to scratch everything, rodents love to chew on anything they can get their paws on. If there are what appears to be scratches on the wood of the chair or small holes in the fabric of your curtains or patches of exposed wire along your extension cord then it’s likely that you’re dealing with a pest problem.


  • Smell

The biggest indicator that you’re in need of some serious pest control is if you notice a musky odor in a room. The smells that have become associated with pest infestations have been described to be similar to that of a rabbit’s hutch that has not been properly cleaned in quite some time. This musky smell is always accompanied by the distinct scent of ammonia as well. Tracking down the smell will more often than not lead you to the culprit causing the offending odor.


Where to Look

While it’s important to note what to look for, it’s also extremely important to know where to look when figuring out if you have a pest problem or not. Here are the most common places you’ll find pests.


  • Kitchen

It’s important to keep watch of the pipes in your kitchen as many of the pipes serve as an entry point because they connect to the world outside. So the first place you should check is under the kitchen sink. From there they get cozy in pantries and dig into any food products they can chew and burrow into. You can also find evidence of their presence in drawers, cupboards, and in kitchen appliances. If you suspect critters to be crawling around your house, the kitchen is the first place you should implement pest control.


  • Garage

While pests like the kitchen for food, they thrive in garage spaces. Your garage is the easiest place that all pests can access (ants, roaches, and rodents) and will have the most evidence of an infestation if you have one.  While they don’t have the food that’s in your pantry to survive off of, pests can still feed on any garbage you keep in the space as well as any bird seed or anything like that. If you use your garage for storage rather than to park your car, you’re more prone to a pest infestation. The first step of pest control you can take if you’re having issues with critters in your garage is to seal the opening where the door and floor meet.


  • Anywhere You Store an Abundance of Things

These spaces are rooms where you store your belongings, clothing, and other things that you do not frequently use. These spaces do include garages that aren’t used to park your car. Storage rooms are usually easy to access for rodents and other pests; they have pipes, vents, and cracks that connect the room to the outside world. Besides garages, these storage spaces include attics, basements, and closets. Storage spaces are the perfect place for pests to hide but you should still be able to find indicators of infestation.


Proper Pest Control

 If you suspect pests to be invading your residence, you need to inspect your house to determine how bad the situation is. If you find signs of a pest infestation then you’ll need to get a handle on it before it gets out of hand. For those living North Carolina, Top NC Pest Control is here to help, 24/7, with preventing, finding, and removing pest infestation.

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